It's Almost Time To Set The Table...

Happy almost Thanksgiving! At long last, we are able to gather together to celebrate with our families and friends - and we are so excited to create new memories and partake in the personal traditions that make our holidays such a special time.


If you’re planning on taking on the daunting (but ultimately satisfying) task of hosting your loved ones this Thanksgiving, we have created a fall focused floral collection, making it incredibly easy to add warmth and depth to your home. You can bring new life to your Thanksgiving table with one of our uniquely designed centerpieces, or perhaps a statement piece on your credenza if your table is filled to the brim. Let us help you navigate through your event planning!


Florals for the table (or anywhere) seem like the last thing you should be “worried” about when you begin planning your event. It’s hard to know what you’re missing, when you didn’t know it was missing in the first place. Something as simple as a festive, welcoming vase in your foyer can create the most amazing vibes for your evening. Ultimately, flowers can elevate your experience and the experience of your guests, bringing an extra umph or a moment of interest to any area of your home. The fun part of the holidays is the decorating...right? Definitely.  


Flowers and candles are like close cousins. The ambiance of a warm, fall-inspired arrangement accompanied with the glow of candlelight is so understated. It’s a simple trick those of us in the event world utilize often to create an inviting atmosphere. Nothing says “welcome to my home, please relax and stay awhile” like votive candles and flowers. In addition to votives, incorporating other seasonal elements to your home can create fun and unexpected surprises. Gourds, pheasant feathers, cornucopias, and if you love drama, even a candelabra or two can bring about that “wow” factor, leaving your guests believing that you are the last word on event decor.


The most difficult part of deciding how to culminate the most vibrant tablescape, is narrowing down the best use of your space. Some of us might be squeezing way too many people at the dinner table or just doing a small gathering, and you may be thinking “I don’t have room for flowers”, but we believe there is always room for flowers; it’s just about how you place them. A lush, low to the table centerpiece is ideal for intimate dinner conversation, or perhaps a few bud vases to create a simple, but charming, pop of color. We do love a floral table runner over at Floral Fetes. Whenever we do flowers for a seated dinner, we keep them low - peekaboos are better left for kids and not always welcomed at a dinner gathering. And if a centerpiece isn’t on your radar, maybe a stunning statement arrangement sprucing up your mantle or adding life to your coffee table is the missing link to bring your dinner together. Flowers should always be invited to the party, again, it’s just about knowing how to incorporate them in the best way for you!


We strive to give our clients uniquely “you” floral decor. You know your home best, and we just want to assist you in showcasing the best parts! We LOVE helping to curate custom orders to bring your Thanksgiving, or any special event, to a new level. If you’re planning to BE a guest, please show your gratitude with flowers. No one says no to flowers. They will always be a staple gesture to show your loved ones that you appreciate the hard work that comes with playing host/hostess.

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, we over at Floral Fetes are here to help make your gatherings feel extra special. Whether it's giving to your friends and family, or giving a gift to yourself, flowers are the answer.


We can't wait to see how you style your Thanksgiving settings this year. As always, call us at the store for any questions, or custom needs (please give as as much notice as possible to source the best product for you) and send us your photos, so we can experience your holiday with you!


Seasons greetings from our Floral Fetes family to yours!

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