Moving Your Houseplants Outside for Summer

May is almost over and we cannot even believe it! In typical Baltimore fashion, it’s already hot and muggy and our indoor houseplants are starting to go outside and thrive. You may have already started taking them outside, but if you were unsure, now you DEFINITELY can. We are free of frost, and now the days are longer and warmer. 

Tropical Plants

If most of your indoor plants are tropicals, they LOVE humidity and the warm weather, but they cannot be in direct sunlight. So, when you bring them outside make sure that they are undercover or at least in partial shade.  Since they have been living in the safety of our homes, they are not used to direct sunlight and they will dry out quickly. Because of this, their leaves will burn in direct light. So, shady spots and awnings are awesome for these babies. They will thrive, grow bigger, and stronger, which we love.

It is also still a perfect time to repot your plant friends and give them some fertilizer. They will grow much faster, grow bigger, and will thrive off the extra space and food. This is especially important if you bring them outside. We recommend Earth Medicine Microbial Fertilizer, because it can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants for general plant growth.  

Direct Sunlight

If you only have full sun, no worries! There are plenty of plants that will thrive in the direct sun and heat. Cacti and succulents will do great, but they will dry out faster than they normally do inside your house. Make sure they are drinking plenty of water to avoid this. Another plant that will thrive in direct sunlight, is the Sago Palm. If you are very limited and want to add color to your sunny outdoor space, you can always add decorative planters of annuals. Geraniums, petunias, zinnias, lantana, poppies, dahlias and lisianthus are just the start of some beautiful options! 

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Bringing your plants outside is the perfect way to let your plants breathe fresh air, get a chance to dust off, and thrive! There is nothing better than spending a warm morning sipping coffee outside and getting to enjoy a little oasis surrounded by your happy plants. We are always here to help you with your plant needs! We’d love to see how you are styling your home with our beautiful plants and flowers. Tag us on instagram at @floralfetes for a chance to be featured!


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