The Magic of Flowers, The Magic of Love.

Here it comes: Valentine’s Day. Sometimes these “Hallmark Holidays” feel redundant and overplayed, maybe it's a little cheesy, and sometimes it can even be downright depressing. I get it… we are all cold, tired, burnt out from winter blues, and we just wanna chill out and stop thinking of yet “another” holiday. Well, this is how I always felt. I never liked Valentine’s Day. It just felt silly. It felt forced and goofy. But, living in a world of flowers, you get to see the beauty and joy that just a simple stem can bring. 

There's something sweet and romantic about this time of year. February 14th, or Valentine’s Day as it is commonly referred to, is the perfect moment in time to start looking forward to Spring. It's the time of year when your bones are ready for a warm hug, and hues of pink and red are popping out of the greys and whites of the winter world. We are given a chance to feel whole again. It is just a time to spread some sweetness and love. The beauty of a rose and the grace of ranunculus; these are just glimpses of magic you simply cannot ignore. And when someone receives a big bouquet of flowers at their door, there is always a smile attached. It is a moment we love to watch others experience. Flowers are truly magic. 

At Floral Fetes we like to play with colors and textures and we do not feel like Valentine’s Day has to be traditional (although, an exquisite roses bouquet does NOT sound bad ever). We like to mix it up a little bit, because maybe you're like me, and you're over the same-old Valentine's Day and it's time to think of it in another way. Hey, it's 2022. Nothing will ever be what you expected! So, please, eat some chocolate, surround yourself and others with flowers, and remind your friends and family that you love them. While you’re at it, remind YOURSELF that you are loved.

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