Little Flower Lavender Bergamot Room Spray

Little Flower Lavender Bergamot Room Spray

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This 4oz bottle of natural essential oil room spray will have your house smelling as fresh as a lavender field.

Picture this: Your checking your email and there's a few real nasty ones (isn't there always). BUT wait there is this lavender bergamot spray on your desk and you can spray the stress away with a gentle mist that calms the nerves while it cleanses your aura ...oo la la!!

I'm kidding a room spray can't do that - or can it? Spritz a little, close your eyes and be transported to a lavender field in France...

Oui oui mademoiselle voudriez-vous plus de vin? Yes I would love some more wine thank you!!

Handmade in small batches from natural essential oils.

We use certified Holistic Aromatherapy Grade essential oils only!

Place this handy dandy spray bottle anywhere in the house but especially…

  • The Bathroom (wink wink)

  • Your nightstand, for freshening the linens before bed

  • The living room

  • Home office

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